Speaker Topics in 2013 - 2014

PowerPoint Presentations

The following are topics that Don Hyatt is presenting in 2013. Most presentations are designed to last approximatley one hour but can be tailored to fit specific needs. His presentatiion style is fast-paced with many images to illustrate content, but he also includes occasional bits of whimsey.
1. America’s Treasure: Our Native Azaleas
Developed originally for his presentation at the 2010 International Rhododendron Conference in Bremen, Germany, Don describes the 17 species of azalea species native to North America as well as the scenic habitats where these plants often grow. He discusses not only the native azaleas, but includes the wildflowers and companion plants that bloom at the same time.

Azaleas, Appalachian Trail
2. Chasing the Bloom in the Southern Appalachians
The Southern Appalachian Mountains have one of the richest and most diverse floras in the world. This presentation was his keynote at the 2012 joint ARS/ASA Convention in Asheville, and focuses on the sequence of bloom of native plants and wildflowers in this very scenic region. Similar in content to his native azalea talk, it spends more time on botanical riches near Asheville.

Blue Ridge Parkway
3. Introduction to Flower and Landscape Photography
This talk was given originally at the 2010 ARS Convention on Long Island as an introduction to digital photography. Don illustrates many basic concepts including the relationship between shutter speed, lens opening and depth of field. He also some elements of image composition as they relate to flower and landscape photography.

Japanese Maple, Winterthur
4. The Legacy of Joe Gable
Developed for the 2009 ARS Eastern Regional Conference in Pennsylvania, this talk focuses on the life and work of Joseph B. Gable, one of the pioneer rhododendron hybridizers in the Eastern United States. Don discusses Gable’s many rugged rhododendron hybrids and how they have created a legacy of hardy hybrids for those who garden in more challenging climates. Gable family members provided pictures of the hybrizer.

Gable Famil Home
5. Color in the Landscape
Developed for an American Federation of Garden Clubs course in 2011, this talk illustrates basic terms and concepts related to color and landscape design. Don presents a number of plant materials grouped by color and shows many scenes from exemplary gardens that feature unique color harmonies.

Croton Foliage
6. Things I Tried That Died
This humorous talk was a special request by the Mason-Dixon Chapter ARS for their 30th anniversary. It discusses Don’s experiences of gardening in the same location for over 60 years and some of the difficulties in raising rhododendrons and other plants. He emphasizes the importance of variety selection, but also touches on pest and disease problems.

Sickly Rhododendron
7. Rhododendrons in Germany: 2010
In this presentation, Don shows many of the new European rhododendron hybrids and spectacular gardens he visited in Northwest Germany during the International Rhododendron Conference in Bremen in May of 2010. Some of the places featured include Bremen Rhododendronpark, Park de Garten, Planten un Blomen, and Hachmann’s nursery.

German Rhododendron Hybrid
8. Rhododendrons in Scotland: 2008
While attending the International Rhododendron Conference in Edinburgh Scotland in May of 2008, Don toured many world-class rhododendron gardens. In this talk, he emphasizes the wealth of rhododendron species found at places like the Edinburgh Botanic Garden, Benmore, and Glendoick.

9. The 2011 ARS Convention: Oregon and Washington
Don describes many of the exquisite gardens on tour during the 2011 ARS Convention in Vancouver, WA, and Portland OR. He also shows scenes of his post convention trip south along the coast touring public and private gardens, and stands of the western native azalea, R. occidentale.

Portland, OR
10. The 2007 ARS Convention: San Francisco
In this presentation, Don shows images of beautiful gardens he visited during the 2007 ARS Convention in San Francisco including private gardens and Strybing Arboretum. He also discusses his side trip to see Yosemite National Park, the giant Redwoods, and the scenic California coast.

Golden Gate Bridge
11. Celebrating the Evergreen Azalea
All of the evergreen azaleas came originally from Asia, but these versatile plants have become one of the most popular landscape choices in many American gardens. Don discusses the diversity of these plants including old favorites, newer introductions, and recent trends in hybridizing. The original talk was given at the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens in 2008 but became his keynote address at the ASA Convention in 2009.

Azalea 'Secret Wish'
12. The Glenn Dale Azaleas
After raising and evaluating nearly 70,000 evergreen azalea seedlings, Ben Morrison selected 454 Glenn Dale hybrids. Assisted by Dan Krabill and Carolyn Beck in the Northern Virginia Chapter ASA, this presentation discusses the favorite Glenn Dales selected by that chapter’s study group.

Azaleas, National Arboretum
13. The Dexter and Cowles Rhododendron Hybrids
Charles Dexter and his gardener Jack Cowles produced some stunning rhododendron hybrids at Heritage Plantation on Cape Cod. This talk is a combined effort of John Delano, Norman Beaudry, and Don Hyatt, which includes a visual tour of the Dexter Estate and its rhododendron hybrids.

Rhododendron 'Jack Cowles'
14. Landscaping for the Shady Garden
Sharing his gardening experiences in the shade for many years, Don introduces many fundamental principals of landscape design and shows how they can be applied to specific gardening challenges. He discusses many of his favorite landscape materials recommended for shade.

The Author's Garden
15. Propagating Rhododendrons and Azaleas
To assist the amateur, Don shows a number of techniques he uses for propagating rhododendrons, evergreen azaleas, and deciduous azaleas. He discusses most modern propagation methods including cuttings, layering, grafting, tissue culture, and raising plants from seed.

Rooting Cuttings
16. Hybridizing Rhododendrons and Azaleas
This presentation shows how to make a rhododendron or azalea cross. Don describes the various stages a hybridizer will go though from deciding which plants to cross, making the cross, collecting and sowing seed, raising seedlings, and evaluating results. Some genetics principles are discussed.

Yellow Rhododendron Hybrid
17. PowerPoint for Plant People
Cameras have shifted from film to digital, but many photographers are now reluctant to give a talk because they are unsure about making a digital slide show. This was designed as a hands-on workshop that might last approximately 3 hours. It contains 5 units and progresses from simple PowerPoint for beginners to advanced features including video and sound.

PowerPoint Slide
18. Rhododendron Registration
Utilizing the expertise of noted taxonomist, Donald H. Voss, this PowerPoint presentation tries to illustrate the process one must go through to properly register an azalea or rhododendron. It illustrates many topics including flower, truss, and leaf types, as well as detailed examples on color evaluation.

Rhododendron 'Cadis'
19. The Bucket List
Because Don was a classroom teacher for 33 years, he had difficulty visiting distant gardens and scenic wild places when the flowers were in bloom. After retiring in 2002, he has spent much of his time traveling to see scenery and landscapes on his “bucket list” including spots in the UK, Germany, and throughout the US.

Mount Shuksan, WA