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Saturday: May 2, 2009

Dan and Barbara Krabill Garden

Don and Barbara Krabill's garden is on a 20,000 square foot lot in McLean, Virginia. Their garden began in 1990 with about 200 small azaleas that they moved from their previous garden next door. At present, the garden consists of approximately 1,100 varieties of evergreen azaleas and a much smaller number of other plants including rhododendrons, hostas, perennials, and annuals. The evergreen azaleas are generally planted by hybrid group, and include more than 400 different Glenn Dales, about 125 Kurumes, and 90 Satsukis. In addition, nearly all of the Back Acres and Robin Hills are represented, as well as many named hybrids by Bob Stewart and Joe Klimavicz.

Krabill Front Yard

Krabill Backyard

Glenn Dale 'Bravura'


Glenn Dale 'Vanguard'

Don Hyatt Garden

Don Hyatt's garden is a mature landscape that has seen many changes since Don first started the garden in 1951 at the age of 3! The -acre property originally had a high oak canopy with an understory of dogwood trees where many of the azaleas and rhododendrons have grown. The loss of several large trees in recent years could be seen as a setback, but Don has taken this as an opportunity to allow the garden to evolve. The front yard has wide irregular borders of evergreen azaleas and rhododendrons in various color schemes. Don is particularly fond of his wildflower collection, which includes trillium, ferns, and native orchids including a large stand of yellow lady's slippers. The native blue phlox is well represented throughout the garden. The landscape in Don's backyard features many large evergreen and deciduous azaleas, rhododendrons, and companion plants, many of which Don has raised from seed.

Hyatt Backyard - Phlox divaricata

Knap Hill Seedling

Exbury 'Marina' and Azaleas

Yellow Lady's Slippers

Hyatt Front Yard

Joe and Brenda Klimavicz Garden

Since the late 1980s, Joe Klimavicz has been hybridizing evergreen azaleas in his one-third acre Vienna, Virginia backyard. This garden is an example of highly intensive cultivation. Each year, Joe makes about 10 crosses and brings 50-100 new seedlings out of his basement and into his cold frames. He discards almost all of them after they flower, retaining only the best. Specific hybridization objectives include a plant that is hardy, floriferous and has a flower that is long lasting and bright in color. He has registered 10 plants to date. This tour gives azalea growers a great inside view into hybridizing.

Klimavicz Hybrids

'Caitlin Marie'

'Sandy Dandy'

Klimavicz Seedlings

Unnamed Hybrid

Saturday Lunch - Meadowlark Gardens

We will enjoy lunch in one of the most beautiful settings in Virginia, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. This 95-acre public park located in densely populated Fairfax County is a gem where visitors can take in the beauty of well-landscaped grounds, ponds, wildlife and a central reception center. We will allow enough time for a short stroll through this majestic green space but attendees are encouraged to return on their own to fully appreciate these lovely grounds.

Meadowlark Gardens - Fountain

Phil and Frances Louer Garden

Phran's Azalea Trails (Frances and Phil Louer) includes about 150 separate flowerbeds of azaleas and rhododendrons along winding trails on five naturally landscaped acres near Haymarket, Virginia. There are over 5,000 azaleas and 200 rhododendrons planted in these beds. Most of these are in wooded areas but some are in full sun. Altogether, the collection has over 9,000 azaleas (including those in pots yet to be planted) representing just over 3,000 varieties and 221 hybrid groups. Intermixed with the azaleas are many wildflowers, thousands of daffodils, and hostas. Frances has collected a large quantity of hostas and has bravely planted them in many locations in defiance of the deer browsing everywhere! The mature azalea and rhododendron plants put on an impressive display every spring, with old favorites, rare varieties, and new introductions arranged to blend in both color and size.

Louer Garden - Gazebo

Louer Home

'Melba's Dream'

Woodland Vista


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